Tails & Dreams is a charity project that united efforts of 20 professional illustrators from all over the world. They have found their source of inspiration in life stories of abandoned cats and dogs told by LAPA. Here are their dreams and their real life conditions. Now when you by know both sides of the story you can help if you like.


Charlie the pretty kitty was found by a volunteer who we work closely with. She had been monitoring a group of dogs who were living stray in a dangerous area where dog hunters frequented. The volunteer came across Charlie one day and Charlie was hungry. The volunteer couldn't leave poor Charlie in danger so took him with her. Just look at those eyes!

Here is Charlie dreaming. He is dreaming of going southward with migrating birds.

Elina Ellis, Cambridge


This little cherub is named Delta. She lives at 'True Friends', a shelter in Kaluga. The first time she went in for sterilisation she was found to have a heart problem. The shelter was worried that she would be unable to handle the anaesthesia for the operation to go ahead. Delta would need to be confined in an area away from the males in the shelter if she couldn't be sterilised, and even then there was a risk, accidents can happen. The vet decided to bring her back in for a check up. Her heart appeared to be doing much better so the operation went ahead. Delta is now patiently waiting for her new family and home to come along, it turns out she likes cats and chewing on palm trees, so if this sounds like it could be your family, get in touch!

I have chosen not to draw any people here, because it often happens people harm dogs.
Some dogs would move their paws, growl or silently bark in sleep as if they were running or swimming. My dog, for instance, loves to watch and chase birds.
Here are water, earth and air, the three basic elements, in the tranquility of a dog's dream. He may be dreaming about a white bird flying over a sleepy morning town or cruising the ocean on a back of a whale.

Viktor Miller-Gausa, St Petersburg


Reis does not give up hope that someone will give him a loving home one day. He had a home and was happy, then the owners decided to kick him out. Luckily local volunteers found out about it before he was thrown out. They found a temporary home for him for a month. During that month Reis was very sad but it did not stop him from being very attentive to Elena, his foster carer. He followed her everywhere, slept outside her bedroom, kept quiet and did everything he could to be a good boy. Since then, he was transferred to another foster home and had to adapt again. Despite all of this, he is a cheerful, strong and a handsome boy with a lot of love to give.

A child's embrace is to symbolize love and care that a dog needs. The hair is to symbolize the emotional connection between a pet and a family. Fishes are to add a surreal touch to the picture that is so far from being a reality. However, there is a church on the background which gives us hope that there will be a loving and caring family for this dog at some point.

Dmitry Pogorelov, Venice

Charlie the Cat
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Delta the Dog
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Reis the Dog
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Ryzhik the Cat
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Just before the New Year's Eve, this cheeky and adorable ginger tom, Ryzhik, was found abandoned in a staircase of a Tomsk apartment block. He was then around 5 months old. We can't imagine why he was left there! Ryzhik is a lovely young cat, he is very friendly, good-natured and tidy (knows his litter tray very well). He just wants a new home and a loving family to look after him!

Lying there on a dirty step..
I'm closing my eyes with my paws,
Start dreaming of having a home…
A place where I would belong…
With feather toys of my own
And a water-full bowl…
And then a morning comes
And with the light of day
I stretch my body just to see
My dream! It didn't go away!

Yulia Somina, London


This is Gerda. She lived on an industrial estate in Tula region. She was found heavily pregnant and severely injured – someone had hit her with a spade so much so that her hind legs could not move. Lelya, a woman we work in that region, picked Gerda up, and after extensive treatment Gerda was able to walk again. She also had a termination and we paid for her to be sterilised. After Gerda recovered, lelya unfortunately had no choice other than to return her back to the site. Lelya already is looking after about 20 dogs placed in various foster homes who have been rescued from places where it is definitely unsafe to return them to. Lelya checks on Gerda regularly and although life on that site is not great, Gerda's life is now a lot better than it used to be. Lelya drops some food off for her which helps.

I took inspiration in Frida Kahlo's work. Art does not only create beautiful pieces, but it also gives us a way to tell about our pain and loneliness. If only Gerda could talk or draw, she would have definitely found a home in an instant.

Marusha Belle, Lisbon

Girls from "Bertha" shelter

These two shaggy ladies are sisters and were caught by the local authority on a local market. They were going to be killed when the "Bertha" shelter owner intervened and took them in. We have now sterilised them. Due to our programme the difference at the shelter is now huge, the owner is grateful, there are signs of new volunteer support for the shelter because it looks less of a mess.

A full bowl, a cozy home and a loving owner, that's what these two girls are dreaming of. Once they are together they can have lovely evenings sitting on a couch and watching their favorite movies.

Anastasia Grinenko, Quebec, Canada

Grumpy Nick

Meet Grumpy Nick. He is a mature boy and we think he was abandoned because he was spraying because he was not castrated. He had a very bad skin condition and had to be shaved so that he could get proper treatment for his skin. Nick is still grumpy but is doing much better and his luxurious coat is growing back!

I believe that every human being has a soul mate in the pet world. Imagine what a miracle it would be if these two meet. I can only hope that as many of us as possible get lucky enough to experience such an encounter.

Maria Luneva, Thailand

Grampy Nick
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Girls from "Bertha" shelter
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Gerda the Dog
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Audrey the Dog
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Musya the Cat
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Nastya from Kaluga reached out to us. Audrey was brought into her shelter. She has a calm nature but is very wild. No one knew exactly how old Audrey was but they thought that she was still quite a young puppy meaning that she couldn't yet have puppies herself. Audrey was old enough and did fall pregnant. The shelter is already at capacity so they asked us for help in paying for Audrey's sterilisation, which we were happy to do.

What does it mean 'to be happy'? To be happy is to be patted on the shoulder and kissed on the nose. This is a very good dream that this dog sees very often.

Inna Ogando, Madrid


Fluffy and inquisitive Musya is one of many cats who live as a group in Pushkino. They are cared for by one of our volunteers.

Drawing Mysya reminded me of my Fros'ka, a Persian cat recently gone. I still remember how I first met her in street, meager and tangled fur, she followed me driven by hunger, yet in doubt if I were to let her stay. I later learnt that she had been abandoned. Here we see Mysya reminiscing of her past. There was someone she loved. There is someone she is waiting for. I can only wish that Mysya finds a home where she'd be welcome to stay at all times.

Alexandra Pashkina, London


This is Britney. She is a British shorthair pedigree cat, hence the name. She was found in the streets of Lyubertsy, Moscow region. Within a matter of hours it wasn't just Britney in care, but her four new born baby kittens as well. LAPA paid for Britney's sterilisation when it was safe to sterilise her, so that she wouldn't have to endure litters of kittens each and every year.

Every cat dreams of having a home and a loving family. When it comes to a mother cat she definitely wants for each of her kittens to have the best home possible.

Yana Frank, Berlin


This boy is a real lad! He is a city boy from Saratov region. He likes to be mischievous, likes to chase cats and bark at crows (so that they know who is boss in the street). He is very bright, wise beyond his years and he has probably seen an awful lot. We hope that he will find a happy home and in order to help him do that, we paid for his neutering.

Here is a dream of a happy dog running around a lawn in front of his own house. This is exactly what my dog does every day and I'm sure that's exactly what he's dreaming about when he's asleep.

Tanya Vilkin, Moscow

Britney the Cat
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Malchik the Dog
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Fidgy the Dog
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Lulu the Dog
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Bosya the Dog
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Tuman the Dog
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Nansy the Dog
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Shpulka the Dog
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Barney the Dog
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Luna the Dog
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Mashka the Dog
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Fidgy (short for fidget) is an abandoned greyhound. She was found in Engels, Saratov region, Central Russia emaciated and very scared. Whatever had happened to her left her scarred for a long time. The volunteers spent months and months running after her trying to catch her! This is a small town, without the equipment or medication to shoot sedative darts to catch animals. Finally, almost 6 months to the day the volunteers managed to catch her! Fidgy is gaining confidence, and weight day by day, which is just great to see . We have paid for her sterilisation to allow her to be rehomed. One thing however, we think Fidgy will need a very active owner!!

See, there is a man. A what is this man holding in his hand? It's not a shovel. It's not a broom! Good Lord, it's a ball and we can play!

Maria Soboleva, Morrisville, USA


Bosya was saved by a shelter in Engels, Central Russia. His owners had a baby and decided it was too hard for them to keep their flat clean with Bosya there. They took Bosya to a vet to have him put to sleep! The vets refused and dropped him off at the shelter. The shelter was bursting at the seams but they took him in. Bosya cried and cried in his kennel, refused to eat and did not want to make friends for a long time. Slowly he got used to the shelter life but he still finds it hard.

Bosya has been abandoned after his owners have had a baby. Bosya is now dreaming of having a new family. Obviously, dogs perceive this reality differently from the way we, humans, do. They say, for instance, that among the colors they only distinctly see black and white, yellow and dark blue to some extent. Here we see Bosya standing on his very long and slim legs that being a tribute to Dali's works also means that Bosya is very vulnerable an fragile after having been abandoned.

Marina Skepner, Montenegro


Lulu was picked up from the Moscow streets and taken to Shelter Berta. Shelter Berta is a very hard shelter to live at. The population is high and the facilities are very basic. It wasn't until only recently that the shelter owner allowed sterilisation of the dogs, before that they would breed the population just went up and up. Lulu would love to find her forever home so she can get out of Berta. She would miss her friends but yearns for a warm home and a family to love her.

Dogs give people their trust and unconditional love. I sometimes even think that having someone to love is more important for them than being taken care of. Here we see Lulu in a very cold and colorless street. Lulu hopes that her owner comes he way soon and brings light and sun into her life.

Valeria Kamelkova, Kiev


Tuman was found in the streets of Shelkov area by a young lady called Sveta. This is a small town with many summer houses. He is about two months old and appears to be a husky cross. He was found earlier this year when it was still cold – he was hungry and shivering. Tuman was put in a foster home. Two months later he was rehomed to someone with a house and a big plot of land but he was returned shortly after. The new owners complained that he was behaving badly. When he came back to the same fosterer, she concluded from his behaviour that the new owners did not train him and punished him a lot. Now the fosterer is trying to remedy those human mistakes which is absolutely necessary in order for Tuman ever to find a loving home. Sveta did not have enough money to sterilise him and asked us to help.

Tuman is dreaming of freedom, of an energized run through a wild forest towards a misty morning field that brings him to discover this mysterious and charming world. Luckily for Tuman, he doesn't need to run alone. Once he opens his eyes he sees a loving and understanding family.

Elisaveta Barzhanskaya, Moscow


Nansy was found by Elena who runs a foster home facility in her own village. Nansy was emaciated. She is a pure bred husky. We think she was thrown out by her owners because she has health issues and they could not be bothered to deal with it or could not afford it and just chucked her out. Nansy has diabetes and her condition got a lot worse for a while because she was extremely emaciated. For several months volunteers looked after her and nursed her back to good health. Only after that it was possible to sterilise her, which we helped with, and re-home her safely. Nansy is a dominant dog and is quite jealous of her owners so it was important to re-home her into a house where she is the only pet. She is now very happy and very loved!

Every dog dreams about having an owner and a home. A little girl on this picture dreams about having a true friend. Here these two meet. Hopefully, not only in their dreams, but in real life too.

Antonina Tsyganko, Kiev


This tiny girl is the size of a handbag dog. We think she is a Fox Terrior cross. Because of her size and her very active nature, she was called Shpulka which means a "spool" in Russian – a small rotating part in a sewing machine which never stops J It sounds a lot better in Russian J We think she was somebody's pet once because she loves being patted by people. She doesn't like the leash much, which you can see from the picture, but we think she can be taught J Shpulka was found abandoned in a courtyard back in February and despite much searching for her owner, they just couldn't be found. The volunteers asked us for help in paying for Shpulka's sterilisation. We were very happy to help and hope that she finds a loving and forever home very soon.

Where am I? - asked Shpulka.
There is a place out there where every dog is happy… - she heard her granny's voice.
Unfortunately for Shpulka, her own childhood went away in a glimpse of a moment that is why every time she lay in the street under a drizzling rain she dreamt of her granny's sweet voice taking her to this magical place.

Lanoocha Luna, London


Barney was found lying on the ground at a bus stop in -40C in December 2012 in Tomsk, Siberia. He was unconscious. He was in the last stage of hypothermia. It was snowing and snow was falling on him and covering his body. someone picked him up and brought him to a local shelter called "Sodruzhestvo", who we recently started working with. Amazingly, Barney survived. He does not trust people much which is not surprising given what he has been through. He has not found a new home yet but he is very happy and well looked after at the shelter. He is such a noble boy!
When dogs play it's only that moment that matters, it's their entire world under a blue sky.

Yulia Yakovleva, Oslo


Luna (means Moon in Russian) was in real danger when she was found by volunteers of the 4 Paws shelter in Kaluga, central Russia. She was pregnant, living in a town centre and had caused a disturbance with residents. Some local residents called dog hunters to come after her. The volunteers brought Luna into the shelter and 4 Paws asked for our help in sterilisation before it was too late. We of course helped - this was an urgent case. As a result, Luna will no longer give birth to pups who will have little chance to survive and her own life will be a lot easier from now on. The volunteers are hopeful that Luna can be socialised and rehomed, and we are too for Luna's sake.

My work is about trust. A dog laid her head on a girl's knees and the girl gently hugged the dog. There is no room for harm or betrayal here. Children are very open when it comes to expressing emotions and feelings. I can only hope that adults take from children.

Katya Uspenskaya, Paris


Mashka was found in a market in a village Zaokskiy in Tula, central Russia. There is a pack of dogs living there. Some of them get shot periodically. Their litters are destroyed every single time. We have already sterilised a couple of female dogs from that area but some new females appeared there recently and all of them are pregnant. The volunteers did not manage to save them in time but Mashka was lucky. Local vets charge a fortune for sterilisation in order to discourage people from sterilising animals!! The cost of one sterilisation is almost equal to an average monthly salary in the village. We are trying to do what we can to help. Mashka was sterilised and luckily for her, a local shelter decided to keep her as a shelter dog! Mashka is pretty and very affectionate so no wonder they all fell in love with her!
If only Mashka had a chance she would have definitely been a great mother. However, puppies unborn are her guardian angels now. They protect her and bring her luck. They come to her at night when she's dreaming. They know her by the bright white spot on her chest.

Tatiana Alisova, London

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